Bouche Restaurant - No 6 Bridge St, Sydney

Director and Co-Founder Emma Darrouzet leads our carefully selected team.

We pride ourselves on our well-informed and passionate staff that deliver our products in a professional manner.

Our team has been handpicked to bring our customers a friendly, inviting and humble style of service without compromising on quality.

Joachim Borenius
Head Chef

Joachim Borenius is the head chef of restaurant and bar Bouche on Bridge.Borenius hails from the southwest countryside of Sweden where he grew up plucking vegetables from the ground and creating meals with the produce grown in his family’s garden.

His career has seen him work in acclaimed kitchens both in Australia and internationally as well as Michelin star restaurants such as Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York City. Borenius worked under Mark Best at Marque and most recently helmed the kitchen at Best’s Pei Modern.

Borenius has more than 20 years fine dining experience. He has a commitment to sustainability and working with top producers and is focused on seasonal, high quality ingredients and produce.

“I’ve been given this great opportunity to do my own thing and I’m really excited to use my 20 years of fine dining experience in a more relaxed environment. For me, the core of a restaurant is how comfortable you feel there as a diner. The dining experience should be about the guest rather than the restaurant and I think this has been lost in this city in recent times.”

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Emma Darrouzet

Emma Darrouzet has spent the last nine years dedicating her time to teaching and helping communities both in Australia and abroad. As well as having a Master of Special Education, Bachelor of Creative Industries and Diploma of Education under her belt, Emma has worked in schools across NSW and holds an Honorary Arts Educator title at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

On a scuba diving trip to Santo, Vanuatu, Emma discovered the need for educational resources and infrastructure at schools located in remote areas of the island. Working directly with the Vanuatu Department of Education Emma established a site and raised $20,000 to rebuild the Lethvekar Primary School.

Whilst owning a restaurant is on the opposite sphere of Emma’s teaching and community work endeavours, it’s something that she has wanted to tick off the bucket list for some time as she is passionate about food, cooking and sustainable and ethically-sourced produce. For Emma, Bouche on Bridge is a spot where you can drink and dine for an hour, or five, and experience fine dining in a casual environment with zero pretentiousness.